Cold Storage

Colorado Cold Connect provides high volume, temperature-controlled food-grade warehousing and storage for bulk produce and temperature-sensitive food product. We offer multi-temperature storage options and zones to keep delicate, temperature-sensitive foods and beverages fresh. We are PrimusGFS certified with a superior rating of 98%, so you can be assured we know how to handle your product.

High Tech Warehouse Management

Our high-tech ERP and warehouse management system is designed specifically for fresh produce and food product. Its reporting and inventory management capability allows us to monitor and track your product no matter on which truck, dock, or pallet it’s located, down to the case. We know its quality and condition at any time to ensure it’s fresh.

Electronic Quality Control

Our electronic quality control system allows us to capture fresh produce inspections on the fly. We take photos of each individual pallet in each inbound and outbound shipment and include those with custom inspection forms we create based on your products and your needs. Through our detailed reports, you know the exact quality of your product as it comes off the truck for storage and goes back on for delivery.

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